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I know we all love L.A. but if you are looking to get away for the day, check out the Santa Barbara French Festival this weekend! In celebration of Bastile Day, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh baked french breads, pastries, classic cuisine, and regional specialties. Crepes, onion soup, quiche, pates, sausage, escargots, Cajun and French Moroccan food, salads and cheeses. Beer, wine, sparkling Champagne. Orangina, Perrier, and frothy cafe au lait. Not only is it a food festival it’s also a dance, music, arts, and travel festival. It’s like going to France without paying for it. Yup, FREE ADMISSION! Check out the festival and maybe hit the gorgeous beaches up afterwards, a perfect weekend for a mini-vacay!

French Festival

Location: Oak Park

300 West Alamar Avenue, Santa Barbara 93105

Date: July 13 – 14

Time: 11am – 7pm

Website: http://www.frenchfestival.com