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If you are even slightly intrigued by railroad models, their miniature towns, and little figurines doing their laundry, you will love this place .. I know I did! From the moment we arrived we were in awe at how huge this place was. Apparently it is one of the largest HO scale-operating railroads in the world!

Although this entire experience was passive – looking at the collection of trains behind glass, I found the displays of miniaturized cabins, trucks, ski lifts, and people going about their “daily routine” really intriguing.

It’s amazing how detailed each model was, from the light fixtures on the buildings to the textures on the walls, the trees on the hillside and the snow on the slopes .. everything looked surprisingly real.

Of course what was awesome, and truly amazing is the fact that every single locomotive works and what’s even crazier is that it’s like a real life system with over 20 “conductors” manning sections of the track and communicating with one another to get their own trains “around the world” (which only takes about an hour, heh).

There were a plethora of knobs and switches that controlled everything from track switches to signal crossing lights, as to make sure that everything runs smoothly and no fatal collisions occur =D

The guys controlling all the trains are hardcore enthusiasts who meet up weekly to set this world in motion. You can see the dedication and love they have for this hobby by the way they talk about it and how seriously they take their roles as conductors. It was kind of endearing to see how passionate they were about it.

Overall, this was a fun place to check out, definitely a great place to bring the kids and let their imagination run wild! Hope you guys have the chance to stop in, you won’t regret it!

PiiQ’d by Ari