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MMm mMMm Mmm … Macarons!  After discovering these amazing little treats a few years ago, we’ve traveled to practically every bakery in L.A. in search of these heavenly delights.  Hands down … up, and side to side, Bottega Louie in downtown Los Angeles has THE BEST macarons EVER!!  If you’re a fan of earl grey tea they have an earl grey macaron that’s out of this world!

At $2.00 a pop this is no cheap indulgence … so in our quest to fulfill our endless hankering for macarons, we’ve decided to take on the daunting task of baking our own french macarons.  We spent many late nights reading and researching recipes and techniques but there was just too many recipes and too many different opinions of how to make them.  Frustrated with the information overload there was only one solution that we agreed upon.

Solution: Sur La Table Macaron Class at The Grove in West Hollywood.

They have many cooking classes from knife skills to grilling to dessert tarts.  They hold multiple classes a day and have classes almost everyday of the week.  We totally recommend you guys check out their schedule if you think you need to improve a cooking technique or are just plain interested in learning something new!


Yesterday was our class and from the moment we walked in, it felt like we were transported onto one of the Food Network’s live sets.  There was every single tool and equipment you could ever need.  The staff and instructors were amazing, very helpful with all our questions and were genuinely passionate about their craft .. kudos to them!

We learned how to make four different types of macarons:
Lemon Macarons with a Lemon Buttercream filling
Mint Macarons with a Dark Chocolate Ganache filling
Lavender Macarons with a White Chocolate Ganache filling
Coconut Macarons with a Cocoa Custard Cream filling

Needless to say the macarons came out beautifully and smelled amazing.  It was no Bottega Louie, but for a first-time macaron maker we were damn proud of what came out of those ovens.

Macaron making is a very tedious and technical process.  We learned a few nifty tricks in this class that most recipes don’t really share.  If you guys want to learn more about what we did in class send us a message and we’ll be happy to email you a detailed step by step guide of what we learned =)  Cheers!

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