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Happy Thai New Year!

Each year the largest Thai community in the United States, a neighborhood in Los Angeles also known as Thai Town, celebrates the Thai festival, Songkran, right here in my hometown … Hollywood!  Traditionally people in Thailand ring in the new year by having a massive 3 day water fight; unfortunately for us, we only get small taste of what really goes down.

This year’s Thai festival took place on April 1st on Hollywood Blvd, between Western and Harvard.  Instead of getting drenched with water left and right we get four blocks of amazing food, arts and craft booths, two stages of entertainment, as well as a huge beer garden!  Singha, baby!!

We tasted most of the mouth watering dishes but we definitely hit our limit after having papaya salad with blue crab, chicken and pork satay, a bowl of boat noodles, a plate of fried pork belly and chinese broccoli over rice, Thai iced tea, a whole coconut, and to top it all off the ultimate Thai dessert … MANGO AND STICKY RICE!!  As Rachael Ray would say, YUM-O!  Boy did we eat!  We must’ve taken in at least 20,000 calories that afternoon. =\

After stuffing our faces, we decided to check out the entertainment stage on the west entrance which had Traditional Thai dancing.  That was interesting for about 4 minutes, but then we decided to head to where the real action was.  At the east entrance they had Muay Thai, aka Thai kickboxing.  The crowd was riled up to see some butt kicking but the actual fights were a little on the weak side, not even a drop of blood was shed … bOOoo. haha

Overall the Thai New Year festival is a great time for people of all ages and ethnicity, with good food .. good beer .. and as always, great company!  Till next time, pique your interest .. get out there and explore!

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